everything comes to an end sometime

today was my last shift.
it's hard to imagine. i'm not a barista anymore. i won't be dialing in the grind any day soon. i won't be pulling shots, building drinks...

i pulled shots with the Vivace Vita today.
my special present for all the people who've supported me over time. some payback you could say.
it was really cool actually, tons of regulars came in.
and the Vita was pulling like fuckin' nectar of the gods.
amazing. so to my tastes it's scary.

some photos to remember it all by...

matthew and john watch the espresso... hanging from the spout like honey!!

my successor, Peter, getting geared up for the fun to come.


Valerie... love of my life - palate I trust...


goodbye to the only job i've never dreaded going to.


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